Monday, March 23, 2015

SSC: Swamp Police Helicopter (30311)

For my weekly Mobile Frame Zero Single Set Challenge, I'm doing Swamp Police Helicopter (Set 30311). 

And when I say weekly, I don't mean "whenever I feel like it." From now on, I'll be posting weekly.

That said, here's the review:

When I saw this set, I knew I wanted a couple of them. The round brick with the hole through the side is new. And the price per piece is really good. But the usefulness for MFØ is questionable.

Others had said this lack of useable pieces meant arms are difficult to make, so I decided to use parts from the pontoons for the arms. He ended up with an overhead railgun as well, leading him to be pretty serious on the weapons front.

Pics on Flickr

I like him a bit, and might get another one to make a clone. I'll probably modify him somewhat; the connection for the railgun needs to be upgraded, and the railgun itself could definitely be shorter.

Again, the set has probably doesn't have much for MFØ, but those pontoons just screamed arms to me. I took another person's writeup of this set as a challenge.

Next up: A MFØ article to finish off the week, then a single set challenge for the Mixel "Scorpi" on Monday.

Here's a link to the Single Set Challenge guidelines.  

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