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So, you clicked on About Me. Well, here’s the short version. I’m over forty, and I’ve been playing with Lego since I was seven. For the most part, I have all of the Lego blocks I’ve bought over the years. At one time or another I have purchased something from just about every theme of Lego, from Primo blocks all the way through the Technic Star Wars sculptures. I hate to admit it, but for several years my entire collection sat in the back of a storage unit, buried under and behind the giant piles of other assorted stuff that would later be referred to as junk. But when I got ready for an interstate move that involved stuffing everything I could keep into a minivan, the only real piece of furniture that I brought along was a drop table that I refer to as my Lego table.

I recently (Dec 2014) decided to start playing Mobile Frame Zero, a game involving robot combat with everything being made out of Lego. This inspired me to start digging out the boxes upon boxes of this glorious little brick. I ended up joining a Lego User’s Group (LUG), and decided to chronicle my journey back to everything that is Lego.

If you care to join me on this journey, I hope that you are able to learn a thing or two.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section or by dropping me an email.

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