Sunday, February 15, 2015

SSC: 76010: Batman: The Penguin Face Off

My next Single Set Challenge for Mobile Frame Zero is, as promised, the Batman set featuring the Penguin. I played around with this a bit, and behold, I present to you, DuckBot.

More pix can be found here

I tried to use some of the “signature parts” that came in the set, and I think I captured it well with the fins (flags) used as feet and the “tail” piece actually used as a tail. The set contained enough pieces to make two copies of the laser cannon, but I like asymmetric builds. Though I like the minimalist nature of the legs, I will likely be changing them at some point. I want to keep the flag usage, but I’m going to have to cram a knee joint in there somewhere.

I really liked this build. The scuba flippers will be the first to go, but I think I may add the waist/hip joints to my bag of tricks.

The Anti-Climax

And now here's a another SSC: the Mixel "Nurp-Naut" (set 41529) from Series 4.


I tried and I tried, but I couldn’t come up with a use of the huge trans-clear domes that came with this guy. I tried to at least use the round piece for the top of the bot, but it just isn’t turning out. Overall, I’m not very happy with this frame. I figured I would take pictures, but now that that is done he’s gonna be parts. If I was reviewing this Mixel for use as a frame, it wouldn’t get a very good grade from me. Sure the price was great per piece, but all I feel I got out of it was the two mixel joints and a couple of clear domes that can be used for stations of some sort.

I can't really call this a "bonus," but I'm throwing it in here because I really don't think it stands on its on.

Here are more pics, for the sake of completeness.

Here is a link to an explanation of the Single Set Challenge guidelines. Thanks again to Mantis King for reminding me where it can be found.

Next up: Mixel Lunk (Set 41510)

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