Sunday, February 8, 2015

What to expect from A Few Bricks Short

So, here it is. My first blog post. I’m supposed to introduce myself and tell you why you should read this blog. Well, here’s a link to the About Me page. Read that if you like.

As for why you should stop by here, well, I’ll be posting pictures of my various finished projects and modules, some in-progress construction pictures, and some of the thinking that went into the design of them.

I’ll also be posting various things for Mobile Frame Zero. If you like Lego and tabletop war games, and somehow you haven’t heard of it, I strongly recommend it. The mechanics favor offense, and the game has a clock built in that allows for a finite playing time. You can find it here, or more about it on the Links page.

I will be posting Single Set Challenges (SSC), including some unusual choices for set. I’ll also be posting (very) occasional set reviews for usefulness and cost. Lastly, I’m going to be putting up skirmish and battle reports. We’ve talked about a campaign, so we will see how that goes.

I’ll also be posting non-MF0 write ups as well, mostly about building on a micro scale. I am embracing the Micropolis standard, and will be building for that scale. I am also toying around with micro sized castles, and want to eventually chronicle the used car lot that my cubicle desktop at work became for a while last summer.

Finally, I'll be experimenting with the layout of this page over the course of the first few months. Don't be surprised if I change things up a little occasionally. Any suggestions are welcome in this regard, as with all parts of this blog.

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